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The Popular Science Monthly Project
Proofreading guide


This document focuses on proofreading of The Popular Science Monthly Project. If you are new to the experience, THIS LINK is better for comprehensive information on proofreading in general.

The size of the The Popular Science Monthly Project convinced this contributor that some standardized guide of formatting would be useful, to expedite the proofreading process, so that the contents can be enjoyed by those who visit Wikisource just for the pleasure of reading.

These notes are spurred by the size of the project, considering that the six months of the first volume consist of approximately 750 pages, and then taking into account the number of volumes in the project. The attempt here is to describe a rationalized process of the hierarchical approach, while individual editing preferences are developed. They provide guidance with informational notes regarding issues that arise during proofreading.

This document's content follows the described proofreading process order. While it was developed during proofreading the first volume, a close eye was kept on the structures of subsequent volumes. After randomly traversing the volumes, confidence increased about the usefulness of this document, since there are no substantial style changes for decades after its initial publication in May 1872.

Proofreading strategy[edit]

The volume consists of six monthly issues, from May to October 1872 inclusive. Monthly editions contain several long articles on various subjects of academic thought, social issues, scientific research results, and intermittently published lecture series. These are followed by recurring monthly features section, organized under the headings in the following order:

The idea behind the strategy is that once the distraction of the variations is eliminated, familiarity with the style common to the pages speeds up the proofreading process, and helps to quickly deal with images and tables as part of the normal proofreading procedure.

Devising the strategy required a Table of Contents, which doesn't exist in the original. There is an Index at the end of the volume which combines, in alphabetical order, article titles and index entries. From this, a custom page number ordered Table of Contents (TOC) was extracted and matched to the articles' order.

Using the TOC, article titles were standardized, and all titled pages were proofread. The same process was applied to the recurring monthly section titles and paragraph start styles. Finally, the rest of the body of the volume are being proofread systematically, incorporating image processing procedures for uploading to the Commons, in parallel with proofreading of a page.

Templates instead of HTML code[edit]

Templates are used almost exclusively and HTML tags are limited to where a template isn't possible. Template selection was determined by their relevance and versatility in reducing the editing process to a logical minimum. Defaults were used where applicable, and a compact list of the templates is listed in the Proofreading tools section.

Project specific templates[edit]

Description Note Template Shortcut Namespace
Article title All articles of all volumes except recurring titles PSMTitle Pt Page
Correspondence section title 1 PSMCorrespondence Pcor Page
Correspondence section title 2 PSMCorrespondence2 PCor2 Page
Correspondence section title 3 PSMCorrespondence3 PCor3 Page
Discussion and Correspondence PSMDiscuss&Correspond PD&C Page
Editor's Table 1 PSMEditorsTable Pedit Page
Editor's Table 2 PSMEditorsTable2 Pedit2 Page
End of article graphic rule PSM rule Page
Entertaining Varieties PSMEntVar Page
Monthly first article title 1 PSMPage1Title Page
Monthly first article title 2 PSMPage1Title2 Page
Monthly first article title 3 PSMPage1Title3 Page
Monthly first article title 4 PSMPage1Title4 Page
Fragments of Science PSMFragmentsOfScience Pfos Page
General Notices PSMGeneralNotices Pgn Page
Index header with underline PSMIndex Page
Index header without underline PSMIndex2 Page
Link to PSM article PSM link Main
Literary Notes PSMLitNotes Plit Page
Literary review paragraph template PSMLitReview Plr Page
Minor Paragraphs PSMMinorParagraphs Pmp Page
Miscellany PSMMisc Pmm Page
Navigator to index scans and images Psm Wikiproject
Notes title 1 PSMNotes Pn Page
Notes title 2 PSMNotes2 Pn2 Page
Obituary Note (single) PSMObitNote POn2 Page
Obituary Notes (plural) PSMObitNotes POn Page
Obituary PSMObitTitle POb Page
Page display frame bottom PSMLayoutBottom Main
Page display frame top PSMLayoutTop Main
Popular Miscellany PSMPopMisc Pm Page
Project home page link PSMProjectHome Wikiproject
Project pages title TPSMProject Wikiproject
Publications received 1 PSMPubRec Ppr Page
Publications received 2 PSMPubRec2 Ppr2 Page
Scientific Literature 1 PSMScientificLiterature Psl Page
Scientific Literature 2 PSMScientificLiterature2 Psl2 Page
Shorter Articles PSMShorterArticles Psa Page
Shorter Articles2 PSMShorterArticles2 Psa2 Page
Shorter Articles And Correspondence PSMShorterArticlesAndCorrespondence Psac Page
Shorter Articles And Discussion PSMShorterArticlesAndDiscussion Psad Page
Table of Contents PSMToC Main
Table required template PSMTable Page
The Progress Of Science Used from volume 57 to volume 68 PSMProgressOfScience Pps Page
The Progress Of Science Used from volume 69 to volume 87 PSMProgressOfScience2 Pps2 Page
Volume title page 1 TPSM Page
Volume title page 2 TPSM2 Page
Volume title page 3 TPSM3 Page