"N" Rays/Introduction by the Translator

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2038304"N" Rays — Introduction by the TranslatorJulien François William GarcinProsper-René Blondlot


In writing this English version of Blondlot's communications to the French Academy, the translator's constant endeavour has been to preserve that simplicity and straightforwardness which render the original a model of scientific exposition. That this object has been attained he will not venture to assert, but he hopes that, at any rate, the reader will be enabled to follow the successive stages of thought in the mind of the discoverer as he progresses from experiment to experiment in a hitherto unexplored domain. If this hope be fulfilled, the book will be welcome not only to those who desire to make acquaintance with "N" rays, but also to all lovers of scientific research, as well as to beginners who wish to attain to scientific methods.

The translator has to thank sincerely Professor Reinold, who has been kind enough to revise the translation, and suggest several valuable improvements.