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ACKERMANN, JOHANN CHRISTIAN GOTTLIEB (1756–1801), German physician, was born at Zeulenroda, in Upper Saxony, on the 17th of February 1756, and died at Altdorf on the 9th of March 1801. At the age of fifteen he became a student of medicine at Jena under E. G. Baldinger, whom he followed to Göttingen in 1773, and afterwards he studied for two years at Halle. A few years’ practice at Stendal (1778–1799), where there were numerous factories, enabled him to add many valuable original observations to his translation (1780–1783) of Bernardino Ramazzini’s (1633–1714) treatise on diseases of artificers. In 1786 he became professor of medicine at the university of Altdorf, in Franconia, occupying first the chair of chemistry, and then, from 1794 till his death in 1801, that of pathology and therapeutics. He wrote Institutiones Historiae Medicinae (Nuremberg, 1792) and Institutiones Therapiae Generalis (Nuremberg and Altdorf, 1784–1795), besides various handbooks and translations.