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AICARD, JEAN FRANÇOIS VICTOR (1848–), French poet and dramatist, was born at Toulon on the 4th of February 1848. His father, Jean Aicard, was a journalist of some distinction, and the son early began his career in 1867 with Les Jeunes Croyances, followed in 1870 by a one-act play produced at the Marseilles theatre; His poems include:. Les Rébellions et les apaisements (1871); Poèmes de Provence (1874), and La Chanson de l’enfant (1876), both of which were crowned by the Academy; Miette et Noré (1880), a Provençal idyll; Le Livre d’heures de l’amour (1887); Jésus (1896), &c. Of his plays the most successful was Le Père Lebonnard (1890), which was originally produced at the Théâtre Libre. Among his other works are the novels, Le Roi de Camargue (1890), L’Âme d’un enfant (1898) and Tatas (1901), Benjamine (1906) and La Vénus de Milo (1874), an account of the discovery of the statue from unpublished documents.