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AKSU (White Water), a town of the Chinese empire, Eastern Turkestan, in 41° 7′ N. and 79° 7′ E. of Uch-Turfan and 270 m. N.E. of Yarkand, near the left bank of the Aksu river, which takes its origin in the Tien-shan (Tian-shan) mountains and joins the Tarim. It belongs to the series of oases (Uch-Turfan, Bai, Koucha, &c.) situated at the southern foot of the eastern T’ien-shan mountains. The town, which is supposed to have about 6000 houses, is enclosed by a wall. It is an important centre for caravan routes and has a considerable trade. There are some cotton manufactures; and the place is celebrated for its richly ornamented saddlery made from deerskin. A Chinese garrison is stationed here, and copper and iron are wrought in the neighbourhood by exiled Chinese criminals. Extensive cattle-breeding is carried on by the inhabitants.