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ALIN, OSCAR JOSEF (1846–1900), Swedish historian and politician, was born at Falun on the 22nd of December 1846. In 1872 he became docent, and in 1882 professor of political economy at Upsala, of which university he was afterwards rector. In September 1888 he was elected a member of the first chamber of the Riksdag, where he attached himself to the conservative protectionist party, over which, from the first, he exercised great authority. But it is as a historian that Alin is most remarkable. Among his numerous works the following are especially worthy of note: Bidrag till svenska rådets historia under medeltiden (Upsala, 1872); Sveriges Historia, 1511–1611 (Stockholm, 1878); Bidrag till svenska statsrickets historia (Stockholm, 1884–1887); Den svensk-norsk Unionen (Stockholm, 1889–1891), the best book on the Norwego-Swedish Union question from the Swedish point of view; Fjerde Artiklen af Fredstraktaten i Kiel (Stockholm, 1899); Carl Johan och Sveriges yttre politik, 1810–1815 (Stockholm, 1899); Carl XIV. och Rikets Ständer, 1840–1841 (Stockholm, 1893). He also edited Svenska Riksdagsakter, 1521–1554 (Stockholm, 1887), in conjunction with E. Hildebrand, and Sveriges Grundlagar (Stockholm, 1892). He died at Upsala on the 31st of December 1900.

Obituary notice in Sv. Hist. Tidssk. (1901).  (R. N. B.)