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AVOIRDUPOIS, or Averdupois (from the French avoir de pois, goods of weight), the name of a system of weights used in Great Britain and America for all commodities except the precious metals, gems and medicines. The foundation of the system is the grain. A cubic inch of water weighs 252·458 grains. Of this grain 7000 now (see Weights and Measures) make a pound avoirdupois. This pound is divided into 16 oz., and these ounces into 16 drachms.

Avoirdupois Weight.

 Drachm, 16=ounce, 16=pound, 14=stone, 2=quarter, 4=hundred, 20=ton.
27·3 grains 437·5 7000 98,000 196,000 grs. 112 ℔ 2240 ℔.