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CAMPING OUT. The sport of abandoning ordinary house-life, and living in tents, touring in vans, boats, &c., has been elaborately developed in modern times, and a considerable literature has been devoted to it, to which the curious may be referred.

See, for Europe, A. A. Macdonell’s Camping-out (1892) and Voyages on German Rivers (1890); G. R. Lowndes, Gipsy Tents (1890).

For Australia and Africa, W. B. Lord, Shifts and Expedients of Camp Life (1871); the articles by F.J. Jackson in the Big Game Shooting volume of the “Badminton Library”; the articles on “Camping out” in The Encyclopaedia of Sport; F. C. Selous, A Hunter’s Wanderings in Africa (1881), and Travel and Adventure in South Africa (1893); A. W. Chanler, Through Jungle and Desert (1896); A. B. Rathbone, Camping and Tramping in Malaya (1898).

For America, G. O. Shields, Camping and Camp Outfits (1890); W. W. Pascoe, Canoe and Camp Cookery (1893); Woodcraft, by “Nessmuk” (1895); W. S. Rainsford, Camping and Hunting in the Shoshone (1896); S. E. White, The Forest (1903), and The Mountains (1904); Suggestions as to Outfit for Tramping and Camping (1904), published by “The Appalachian Mountain Club,” Boston. Valuable information will be found in the sporting periodicals, and in the catalogues of outfitters and dealers in sporting goods.