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EICHWALD, KARL EDUARD VON (1795–1876), Russian geologist and physician, was born at Mitau in Courland on the 4th of July 1795. He became doctor of medicine and professor of zoology in Kazañ in 1823; four years later professor of zoology and comparative anatomy at Vilna; in 1838 professor of zoology, mineralogy and medicine at St Petersburg; and finally professor of palaeontology in the institute of mines in that city. He travelled much in the Russian empire, and was a keen observer of its natural history and geology. He died at St Petersburg on the 10th of November 1876. His published works include Reise auf dem Caspischen Meere und in den Caucasus, 2 vols. (Stuttgart and Tübingen, 1834–1838); Die Urwelt Russlands (St Petersburg, 1840–1845); Lethaea Rossica, ou paléontologie de la Russie, 3 vols. (Stuttgart, 1852–1868), with Atlases.