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GLOXINIA, a charming decorative plant, botanically a species of Sinningia (S. speciosa) a member of the natural order Gesneraceae and a native of Brazil. The species has given rise under cultivation to various forms showing a wonderful variety of colour, and hybrid forms have also been obtained between these and other species of Sinningia. A good strain of seed will produce many superb and charmingly coloured varieties, and if sown early in spring, in a temperature of 65º at night, they may be shifted on into 6-in. pots, and in these may be flowered during the summer. The bulbs are kept at rest through the winter in dry sand, in a temperature of 50º, and to yield a succession should be started at intervals, say at the end of February and the beginning of April. To prolong the blooming season, use weak manure water when the flower buds show themselves.