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HART, ALBERT BUSHNELL (1854–), American historian, was born at Clarksville, Mercer county, Pennsylvania, on the 1st of July 1854. He graduated at Harvard College in 1880, studied at Paris, Berlin and Freiburg, and received the degree of Ph.D. at Freiburg in 1883. He was instructor in history at Harvard in 1883–1887, assistant professor in 1887–1897, and became professor in 1897. Among his writings are: Introduction to the Study of Federal Government (1890), Formation of the Union (1892, in the Epochs of American History series), Practical Essays on American Government (1893), Studies in American Education (1895), Guide to the Study of American History (with Edward Channing, 1897), Salmon Portland Chase (1899, in the American Statesman series), Foundations of American Foreign Policy (1901), Actual Government (1903), Slavery and Abolition (1906, the volume in the American Nation series dealing with the period 1831–1841), National Ideals Historically Traced (1907), the 26th volume of the American Nation series, and many historical pamphlets and articles. In addition he edited American History told by Contemporaries (4 vols., 1898–1901), and Source Readers in American History (4 vols., 1901–1903), and two co-operative histories of the United States, the Epochs of American History series (3 small text-books), and, on a much larger scale, the American Nation series (27 vols., 1903–1907); he also edited the American Citizen series.