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HELMOND, a town in the province of North Brabant, Holland, on the small river Aa, and on the canal (Zuid-Willems Vaart) between ’sHertogenbosch and Maastricht, 241/2 m. by rail W.N.W. of Venlo. It is connected by steam tramway with ’sHertogenbosch (21 m. N.W.), a branch line northwards to Osch being given off at Veghel. Pop. (1900) 11,465. The castle of Helmond, built in 1402, is a beautiful specimen of architecture, and among the other buildings of note in the town are the spacious church of St Lambert, the Reformed church and the town hall. Helmond is one of the industrial centres of the province, and possesses over a score of factories for cotton and silk weaving, cotton printing, dyeing, iron founding, brewing, soap boiling and tobacco dressing, as well as engine works and a margarine factory. There is an art school in the town.