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HOFSTEDE DE GROOT, PETRUS (1802-1886), Dutch theologian, was born at Leer in East Friesland, Prussia, on the 8th of October 1802, and was educated at the Gymnasium and university of Groningen. For three years (1826-1829) he was pastor of the Reformed Church at Ulrum, and then entered upo-n his lifelong duties as professor of theology at Groningen. With his colleagues L G. Pareau, ]. F. van Vordt, and W. Muurling he edited from 1837 to 1872 the Waarheid in Liefde. In this review and in his numerous books he vigorously upheld the orthodox faith against the Dutch “modern theology” movement. Many of his works were written in Latin, including Dzsputatzo, qua ep. ad H ebraeos cum Paulzn epzstolzs comparator (1826), Instztuttones historiam ecclesiae (1835), I nstitutio theologian natural is (1842), Encyclopaedia theologi chrtstiam (1844). Others, in Dutch, viere: The Dwine Education of Humanzty up to the Coming of Jesus Christ (3 vols., 1846), The Nature of the Gospel Mznistry (1858), The “ Modern Theology” of the Netherlands (1869), The Old Catholic Movement (1877). He became professor emeritus in 1872, and died at Groningen on the 5th of December 1886.