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IBN USAIBI‛A [Muwaffaquddīn Abū–l-‛Abbās Aḥmad ibn ul-Qāsim ibn Abī Usaibi‛a] (1203–1270), Arabian physician, was born at Damascus, the son of an oculist, and studied medicine at Damascus and Cairo. In 1236 he was appointed by Saladin physician to a new hospital in Cairo, but surrendered the appointment the following year to take up a post given him by the amir of Damascus in Salkhad near that city. There he lived and died. He wrote ‛Uyūn ul-Anba‛fī Ṭabaqāt ul-Aṭibba‛ or “Lives of the Physicians,” which in its first edition (1245–1246) was dedicated to the vizier of Damascus. This he enlarged, though it is uncertain whether the new edition was made public in the lifetime of the author.

Edition by A. Müller (Königsberg, 1884). (G. W. T.)