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KAZALA, or Kazalinsk, a fort and town in the Russian province of Syr-darya in West Turkestan, at the point where the Kazala River falls into the Syr-darya, about 50 m. from its mouth in Lake Aral, in 45° 45′ N. and 62° 7′ E., “at the junction,” to quote Schuyler, “of all the trade routes in Central Asia, as the road from Orenburg meets here with the Khiva, Bokhara and Tashkent roads.” Besides carrying on an active trade with the Kirghiz of the surrounding country, it is of growing importance in the general current of commerce. Pop. (1897), 7600. The floods in the river make it an island in spring; in summer it is parched by the sun and hot winds, and hardly a tree can be got to grow. The streets are wide, but the houses, as well as the fairly strong fort, are built of mud bricks.