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LAPPARENT, ALBERT AUGUSTE COCHON DE (1839–1908), French geologist, was born at Bourges on the 30th of December 1839. After studying at the École Polytechnique from 1858 to 1860 he became ingénieur au corps des mines, and took part in drawing up the geological map of France; and in 1875 he was appointed professor of geology and mineralogy at the Catholic Institute, Paris. In 1879 he prepared an important memoir for the geological survey of France on Le Pays de Bray, a subject on which he had already published several memoirs, and in 1880 he served as president of the French Geological Society. In 1881–1883 he published his Traité de géologie (5th ed., 1905), the best European text-book of stratigraphical geology. His other works include Cours de minéralogie (1884, 3rd ed., 1899), La Formation des combustibles minéraux (1886), Le Niveau de la mer et ses variations (1886), Les Tremblements de terre (1887), La Géologie en chemin de fer (1888), Précis de minéralogie (1888), Le Siècle du fer (1890), Les Anciens Glaciers (1893), Leçons de géographie physique (1896), Notions générales sur l’écorce terrestre (1897), Le Globe terrestre (1899), and Science et apologétique (1905). With Achille Delesse he was for many years editor of the Révue de géologie and contributed to the Extraits de géologie, and he joined with A. Potier in the geological surveys undertaken in connexion with the Channel Tunnel proposals. He died in Paris on the 5th of May 1908.