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LJUNGGREN, GUSTAF HÅKAN JORDAN (1823–1905), Swedish man of letters, was born at Lund on the 6th of March 1823. He was educated at Lund university, where he was professor of German (1850–1859), of aesthetics (1859–1889) and rector (1875–1885). He had been a member of the Swedish Academy for twenty years at the time of his death in September 1905. His most important work, Svenska vitterhetens häfder efter Gustav III.’s död (5 vols., Lund., 1873–1895), is a comprehensive study of Swedish literature in the 19th century. His other works include: Framställning af de förnämste estetiska systemerna (an exposition of the principal system of aesthetics; 2 vols., 1856–1860); Svenska dramat intill slutet af 17 århundradet (a history of the Swedish drama down to the end of the 17th century, Lund, 1864); an edition (1864) of the Epistlar of Bellman and Fredman, and a history of the Swedish Academy in the year of its centenary (1886).

His scattered writings were collected as Smärre Skrifter (3 vols., 1872–1881).