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3692251911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume 18 — Meyer, Christian Erich Hermann von

MEYER, CHRISTIAN ERICH HERMANN VON (1801–1869), German palaeontologist, was born at Frankfort-on-the-Main, on the 3rd of September 1801. In 1832 he issued a work entitled Palaeologica, and in course of time he published a series of memoirs on various fossil organic remains: mollusca, crustacea, fishes and higher vertebrata. His more elaborate researches were those on the Carboniferous amphibia, the Permian reptiles, the Triassic amphibia and reptiles, and the reptiles of the Lithographic slates; and the results were embodied in his great work Zur Fauna der Vorwelt (1845–1860), profusely illustrated with plates drawn on stone by the author. He was associated with W. Dunker and K. A. Zittel in the publication of the Palaeontographica, which began in 1851. He was awarded the Wollaston medal by the Geological Society of London in 1858. He died on the 2nd of April 1869.