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MOGILA, PETER (c. 1596-1647), metropolitan of Kiev from 1632, belonged to a noble Wallachian family. He studied for some time at the university of Paris, and first became a monk in 1625. He was the author of a Catechism (Kiev, 1645) and other minor works, but is principally celebrated for the Orthodox Confession, drawn up at his instance by the Abbot Kosslowski of Kiev, approved at a provincial synod in 1640, and accepted by the patriarchs of Constantinople, Jerusalem, Alexandria and Antioch in 1642-1643, and by the synod of Jerusalem in 1672. (See Orthodox Eastern Church.)

There are numerous editions of the Confession in Russian; it has been edited in Greek and Latin by Panagiotes (Amsterdam, 1662), by Hofmann (Leipzig, 1695), and by Kimmel (Jena, 1843), and there is a German translation by Frisch (Frankfort, 1727).