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1911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume 18
Montgomery, Gabriel, Seigneur de Lorges, Comte de

MONTGOMERY, GABRIEL, SEIGNEUR DE LORGES, Comte de (c. 1530-1574), French soldier, became a lieutenant in the king of France's Scottish guards, of which his father was captain, and engaged in police operations against the Protestants. Having inadvertently caused the death of King Henry II. in a tournament (June 30, 1559) he was disgraced and retired to his estates in Normandy. He studied theological questions and espoused the cause of the Reformers. In 1562 he allied himself with the prince of Condé, took Bourges, and defended Rouen from September to October 1562 against the royal army. In the third War of Religion he occupied Béarn and Bigorre (1569). Escaping from the massacre of St Bartholomew, he went to England and returned with a fleet for the relief of La Rochelle (1573), but soon had to withdraw to Cornwall. Returning to Normandy in 1574, he defended Domfront, which was being besieged by Marshal de Matignon, but was forced to capitulate .on the 25th of May. He was sentenced to death by the parlement, and beheaded in Paris on the 26th of June 1574. .

See L. Marlet, Le Comte de Montgomery (Paris, 1890).