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MOORE, GEORGE FOOT (1851–), American Biblical scholar, was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, on the 15th of October 1851, the son of William Eves Moore (1823–1899), a prominent Presbyterian minister, long the permanent clerk of the Presbyterian General Assembly. The son graduated at Yale in 1872 and at Union Theological Seminary in 1877, was ordained in 1878, and from 1878 to 1883 was pastor of the Putnam Presbyterian Church, Zanesville, Ohio. He was Hitchcock professor of the Hebrew language and literature in Andover Theological Seminary in 1883–1902, and was president of its faculty in 1899–1901; in 1902 he became professor of theology and in 1904 professor of the history of religion at Harvard University His chief critical work dealt with the Hexateuch, and more particularly the Book of Judges (Commentary, 1895; text, translation and notes, 1898; text with critical notes, 1900).