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NIGDEH (Arab. Nakidah), the chief town of a sanjak of the same name in the Konia vilayet of Asia Minor, situated on the Kaisarieh-Cilician Gates road. It is remarkable for the beauty of its buildings, dating from almost all ages of the Seljuk period. After the fall of the sultanate of Rum (of which it had been one of the principal cities), Nigdeh became independent, and, according to Ibu Batuta, ruinous, and did not pass into Ottoman hands till the time of Mahommed II. It represents no classical town, but, with Bor, has inherited the importance of Tyana, whose site lies about 10 m. S.W. A Hittite-inscribed monument brought perhaps from Tyana, has been found at Nigdeh. The population (20,000) includes a large Greek and a small Armenian community. The Orthodox metropolitan of Iconium resides here.