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NYKJÖBING, a seaport of Denmark, in the amt (county) of Maribo, on the west shore of the island of Falster, 94 m. S.S.W. of Copenhagen by rail. Pop. (1901) 7345. Its church contains a genealogical tree of the Mecklenburg ducal family, with portraits, dating from 1627 or earlier. Here is the house occupied by Peter the Great of Russia in 1716, restored in 1898. A railway runs south to Gjedser (14 m.), from which the sea-passage (29 m.) to Warnemünde links the fastest route between Copenhagen and Berlin.

Other towns of the name of Nykjöbing in Denmark are (1) on Limfjord in Thisted amt (pop. 4492); and (2) in Zealand, Holbaek amt (pop. 2000).