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20216001911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume 21 — Pityriasis Versicolor

PITYRIASIS VERSICOLOR (Gr. πίτυρίασις, scurf, from πίτυρον, bran), a skin disease, consisting of patches of brownish discolorations of various sizes and shapes, mostly on the front of the body, and often attended with itching, especially after heating exercise. The pigmentation seems to radiate from the orifices of hair-follicles. The epidermis is in a scaly condition over the patch, and among the débris of the epidermic cell there may be seen minute oval spores due to a vegetable parasite the Microsporon furfur. The disease is mostly one of adult age, found all over the world, and not associated in any special way with poor general health. The treatment consists of rubbing in an ointment of potassium sulphide or one of the mercurial ointments, or using sulphur-soap habitually.