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[ 765 ]

ROTTENBURG, a town and episcopal see of Germany, in the kingdom of Württemberg, situated on the left bank of the Neckar, which is here crossed by two bridges connecting the [ 766 ] town with the suburb of Ehingen, 7 m. by rail S.W. of Tübingen. Pop. (1905) 7554. It is the seat of a Roman Catholic bishop, and possesses the fine Gothic cathedral of St Martin; several other churches; an old castle now used as a prison; and a building, formerly a Jesuit monastery and now the residence of the bishop. The chief industries are the manufacture of machinery, screws, watches and beer, tanning and the cultivation of fruit and hops. Rottenburg passed into the possession of Austria in 1281 and into that of Württemberg in 1805. Near the town are the remains of the Roman station of Sumalocenna or Salmulocenae.