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SAINT ALBIN, ALEXANDER CHARLES OMER ROUSSELIN DE CORBEAU, Comte de (1773-1847), French politician, was born in Paris, of a noble Dauphinois family, and was educated at the College d'Harcourt. He embraced the revolutionary ideas with enthusiasm. As civil commissioner at Troyes he was accused of terrorism by some, and by the revolutionary tribunal of moderation. He was imprisoned for a short time in 1794. On his release the Citoyen Rousselin entered the ministry of the interior, and under the Directory he became secretary-general, and then civil commissioner of the Seine. Attached to the party of Bernadotte, he was looked on with suspicion by the imperial police, and during the later years of the empire spent his time in retirement at Provence. During the Hundred Days, however, he served under Carnot at the ministry of the interior. Under the Restoration he defended Liberal principle sin the Constitutionnel, of which he was the founder. Although Louis Philippe had been his friend since the days of the Revolution, he accepted no office from the monarchy of July. He retired from the Cunstilzrlionnel in 1838, and died on the 15th of June 1847. His chief works deal with the soldiers of the Revolution. They are: Vie de Lazare Hoche (2 vols., 1798); Notice historique sur le général M arbot (1800); M. de Championnel(1860); and notices of others posthumously published by his son, Hortensius de Saint Albin, as Documents relatifs ri la Révolution Franeaise . . . (1373)-