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SAMNAN, Simnan, or Semnan, a small province of Persia, which, including the city and district of Damghan, is generally known as “Samnan va Damghan.” It is bounded on the W. by the districts of Khar (the ancient Choara) and Fjruzkuh, on the N. by Mazandaran, and on the E. by Shahrud and Bostam. In the S. it extends beyond the oasis of Jendek in the desert N. of Yezd. Its northern part is still known as Komush or Komish, the ancient Commisene. The revenue amounts to about £7000 per annum.

Samnan, the capital of the province, is situated 145 m. E. of Teheran, on the high road thence to Meshed, at an altitude of 3740 ft. in 35° 34' N., 53° 22' E. It has a population of about 10,000, post and telegraph offices, and a fine minaret, built in the 12th century. It exports pistachios, almonds and coarse tobacco. A dialect with many old Persian forms and resembling the Mazandaran dialect is spoken.

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