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SANATRUCES (Sinatruces, Pers. Sanatruk), Parthian king. In the troublous times after the death of Mithradates II. (c. 88 B.C.) he was made king by the Sacaraucae, a Mongolian tribe who had invaded Iran in 76 B.C. He was eighty years old and reigned seven years; his successor was his son Phraates III. (Lucian, Macrob. 15; Phlegon, fr. 12 ap. Phot. cod. 97; Appian, Mithr. 104; Dio Cass. xxxvi. 45). Another Sanatruces (Sanatrucius) is mentioned as an ephemeral Parthian king in A.D. 115 (Malalas, Chron. p. 270, 273). (Ed. M.)