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13568701911 Encyclopædia Britannica, Volume 24 — Sergel, Johan Tobias

SERGEL, JOHAN TOBIAS (1740-1814), Swedish sculptor, was born on the 8th of September 1740 in Stockholm. After studying for some time in Paris he went to Rome, where he remained for twelve years and sculptured a number of groups in marble, including, besides subjects from classical mythology, a colossal representation of “History,” in which are depicted the achievements of Gustavus Adolphus before the Chancellor Oxenstierna. It was in Rome also that he modelled the statue of Gustavus III., subsequently cast in bronze and purchased by the city of Stockholm in 1796. Sergel returned to Stockholm in 1779 and continued to produce his works there. Among them are a tomb for Gustavus Vasa, a monument to Descartes, and a large relief in the church of St Clarens in Stockholm, representing the Resurrection. He died in his native city on the 26th of February 1814.