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STOPPANI, ANTONIO (1824-1891), Italian geologist and palaeontologist, was born at Lecco on the 24th of August 1824, He became professor of geology in the Royal Technical Institute of Milan, and was distinguished for his researches on the Triassic and Liassic formations of northern Italy. Among his works were Paleontologie Lombarde (1858-1881); Les petrifactions d'£sino (1858-1860); Gtologie et palSontologie des conches A Avicula Contorta en Lombardie (1860-1865); Corso di geologia, (3 vols., 1871-1873); and L'Era Neozoica (1881). In this last work the author discussed the glaciation of the Italian Alps and the history of Italy during the Pleistocene age. He died at Milan on the 1st of January, 1891.