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STUBBS [Stubbes], PHILIP (c. 1555–c. 1610), English pamphleteer, was born about 1555. He is reputed to have been a brother or near relation of John Stubbs (q.v.). He was educated at Cambridge arid subsequently at Oxford, but did not take a degree, spending the greater portion of his time travelling about the country. He started writing about 1581, and in 1583 published The Anatomie of Abuses. This consisted of a virulent attack on the manners, customs, amusements and fashions of the period, and is still valuable for its copious information on those matters. In 1591 Stubbs published A Christal Glass for Christian Women, of which at least seven editions were called for, and he followed this with other semi-devotional works. He died, probably, about 1610.