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TAUNG-GYI, the headquarters of the superintendent and political officer, southern Shan States, Burma. It is situated in 96° 58' E. and 20° 47' N., at an altitude of about 5000 ft., in a depressed plateau on the crest of the Sintaung hills. It is in the state of Yawnghwe, 105 m. from Thazi railway station on the Rangoon-Mandalay railway, with which it is connected by a cart-road. The civil station dates from 1894, when there were only a few Taungthu huts on the site. There were in 1906 upwards of a thousand houses, many of them substantially built of brick. Since 1906 the southern Shan States have been garrisoned by military police, whose headquarters are in Taunggyi. The station is to a considerable extent a commercial depot for the country behind, and there are many universal supply shops of most nationalities (except British)-Austrian, Chinese and Indian. The 'dve-day bazaar is the trading place of the natives of the country. A special quarter contains the temporary residences of the chiefs when they visit headquarters, and there is a school for their sons. An orchard for experimental cultivation has met with considerable success. The average shade maximum temperature is 84°; the minimum 39°.