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ULEÅBORG (Finnish, Oulu), a province in the grand duchy of Finland, including a wide territory to the north of Kuopio and nearly reaching Varangerfjord, taking in the high dreary plateau of Laponia (16,000 sq. m.) and the fertile plains of Österbotten. It has a total area of 63,970 sq. m., with a population, chiefly agricultural in Österbotten and nomadic in Laponia, of (1904) 295,187. The bulk of the inhabitants (99%) are Finnish. There are immense forests, and only 0·4% of the area is under culture. The capital of the government is Uleåborg, a seaport on the Gulf of Bothnia, now connected by railway with Helsingfors (498 m.); pop. (1904), 17,737.