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VALPY, RICHARD (1754–1836), English schoolmaster, was born in Jersey on the 7th of December 1754. He was sent to schools in Normady and Southampton, and completed his education at Pembroke College, Oxford. In 1777 he took orders, and in 1781 became head master of Reading grammar school, a post which he held for fifty years. He was the author of Greek and Latin grammars which enjoyed a large circulation. He died in London on the 28th of March 1836.

His second son, Abraham John Valpy (1787–1854), printer and publisher, is remembered in connexion with two great undertakings in the department of classical literature. These were reissues of (1) Stephanus's Greek Thesaurus, for which E. H. Barker was chiefly responsible; (2) the Delphin Classics in 143 volumes with variorum notes, under the editorial superintendence of George Dyer. He also founded the Classical Journal in 1810.