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VICUGÑA, one of EB1911 Vicugña.jpg
Head of Vicugña.
the two wild living South American representatives of the camel-tribe, a Camelidae (see Tylopoda). From its relative the guanaco the vicugña (Lama vicunia) differs by its inferior stature, more slender build and shorter head, as well as by the absence of bare patches or callosities on the hind limbs. The general colour of the woolly coat is orange-red. Vicugñas live in herds on the bleak and elevated parts of the mountain range bordering the region of perpetual snow, amidst rocks and precipices, occurring in various parts of Peru, in the southern part of Ecuador, and as far south as the middle of Bolivia. The wool is extremely delicate and soft, and highly valued for the purposes of weaving, but the quantity which each animal produces is not great.