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WAVERLY, a village of Tioga county. New York, U.S.A., about 18 m. S.E. of Elmira, on the Cayuta Creek, near the Chemung and the Susquehanna rivers, which unite several miles S. of the village. Pop. (1800) 4123; (1900) 4465, of whom 295 were foreign-born; (1905) 4913; (1910) 4855. It is served by the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, the Erie and the Lehigh Valley railways. With South Waverly (pop. in 1910 1084)—separated from Waverly only by the state line and really a part of the village—Sayre, and Athens, Pennsylvania, it is connected by electric railway and the three form practically an industrial unit. Waverly is also connected by electric line with Elmira. The village is a railway centre of some importance, distributes coal from the Wyoming Valley mines, and ships the dairy products of a large farming district and small fruits and garden products. Waverly was settled about 1804 by settlers from Connecticut and the Hudson River Valley, and was incorporated as a village in 1854.