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WILLIAM (A.S. Wilhclm, O. Norse Vilhidlmr; O. H. Ger. Willam, Willahalm, M. H . Ger. Willehelm, Willehalm, Mod. Ger. Wilhehn; T>x.Willem; O. ¥t. Villalme, Mod. Fr. Guillaumc; from " will, " Goth, vilja, and " helm, " Goth, hilms, Old Norse hidlmr, meaning possibly "one who wills to protect ), a masculine proper name borne by many European sovereigns and others, of whom the more important are treated below in the following order: — (1) kings of England and Scotland. (2) Other sovereigns in the alphabetical order of their states. (3) Other ruling princes. (4) Prelates, Chroniclers, &c.