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WILLIAM (A.S. Wilhelm, O. Norse Vilhâdlmr; O. H. Ger. Willahelm, Willahalm, M. H. Ger. Willehelm, Willehalm, Mod. Ger. Wilhelm; Du. Willem; O. Fr. Villalme, Mod. Fr. Guillaume; from " will," Goth, vilja, and "helm," Goth, hilms, Old Norse hiâlmr, meaning possibly "one who wills to protect"), a masculine proper name borne by many European sovereigns and others, of whom the more important are treated below in the following order—(1) kings of England and Scotland. (2) Other sovereigns in the alphabetical order of their states. (3) Other ruling princes. (4) Prelates, Chroniclers, &c.