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ALBERT, DUKE OF WÜRTTEMBERG (1865-), German general, the son of Duke Philip of Württemberg, was born in Vienna on Dec. 23 1865. As the King and Queen of Württemberg had no male heir, he was as nearest agnate the heir presumptive to the Württemberg throne. He passed through the different grades of a military career and was appointed general in command of the XI. Army Corps at Cassel in 1906 and in 1908 was entrusted with the command of the Württemberg Army Corps. In 1913 he was advanced to the rank of Generaloberst (colonel-general, immediately below field-marshal) and was appointed Inspector-General of the 6th Army Inspection. At the outbreak of the World War he took over the leadership of the 4th Army on the western front, was advanced to the rank of field-marshal-general in 1916 and appointed chief-in-command of the group of armies on the front in Alsace-Lorraine, which fought under his leadership till the end of the war. Since then he has lived as a private citizen on his Württemberg estates. He married in 1902 the late Archduchess Margarete Sophie of Austria, the sister of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand who was assassinated at Sarajevo.