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CASSEL, GUSTAV (1866-), Swedish economist, was born in 1866. After taking his degree in mathematics at the university, he became a lecturer, and was appointed professor of national economy at the High School of Stockholm in 1904. He studied and travelled widely abroad. In addition to a number of books in Swedish, he published the following works in other languages: Das Recht auf den vollen Arbeitsertrag (1900); The Nature and Necessity of Interest (1903); Theoretische Sozialökonomie (1919). His Memorandum on the World's Monetary Problems, published by the League of Nations for the International Financial Conference in Brussels in 1920, attracted widespread attention. He was a member of many committees dealing with matters of State in Sweden and devoting much labour to the creation of a better system of budget exposition and control (1905-21). He was one of the Swedish representatives at the International Chamber of Commerce meeting in London in 1921. He became a member of Svenska Vetenskapsakademien and correspondent for Sweden to the Royal Economic Society.