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EINEM, KARL VON (1853-       ), Prussian general, was born at Hertzberg in the Harz Jan. 1 1853. He entered the Prussian army in 1870 and rose to the rank of major-general in 1900. In the same year he was entrusted with the organization of the German section of the international military expedition to Peking. In 1903 he was raised to the rank of lieutenant-general and appointed Minister of War, an office which he held till 1909. He had meanwhile been promoted to be a general of the cavalry, and in 1909 he was placed in command of the VII. Army Corps, which under Kluck he led in the advance through Belgium in 1914. In Sept. 1914 he was appointed to the command of the III. Army (the army of the Aisne), which he successfully handled throughout the heavy fighting in Champagne in Feb. 1915. He continued his defence of his section of the German position with this army throughout 1917 and the early months of 1918.