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GUITRY, LUCIEN GERMAIN (1860–), French actor (see 12.705). In 1920 he came to London, with his son Sacha, and made an immense success in Pasteur, playing himself the eminent scientist, and in his son’s play Mon Père avait Raison.

Sacha Guitry (1885–), also a distinguished .actor, was born at Petrograd. He was the author of a number of brilliant modern comedies, of which Tel Père Tel Fils. (1909); Nono (1910); Le Veilleur de Nuit (1911); La Prise de Berg-op-Zoom (1912) are other examples. He married Yvonne Printemps, herself an actress of distinction. Jean Guitry, another son of Lucien Guitry, and a promising actor in modern comedies, was killed in a motor accident near Deauville Sept. 11 1920.