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KIEPERT, RICHARD (1846-1915), German cartographer, was born at Weimar Sept. 13 1846, the son of Heinrich Kiepert, also a noted cartographer. Richard pursued geographical and historical studies at Berlin and Heidelberg universities. In 1870 he travelled in Palestine and Asia Minor, returning to take part in the Franco-Prussian War. He received the Doctorate of Philosophy at Jena in 1874; from that year until 1878 he was engaged in the compilation of Richthofen's atlas of China, and from 1875 to 1887 he edited the geographical periodical Globus. He had to do with the preparation of maps from the data collected by many well-known German travellers, such as Rohlfs, Barth, Möllendorf and Lenz. In 1893 he published a Deutscher Kolonialatlas, and subsequently, among other works, a Spezialkarte von Deutsch-Ostafrika (1:300,000), and numerous school maps, being associated with the map-publishing firm of Dietrich Reimer in Berlin for 25 years. After his father's death in 1898 he completed or brought up to date many of his maps, including such historical works as the Formae Orbis Antiqui. Perhaps his most important single work was the Spezialkarte von Kleinasien (Asia Minor), (1:400,000) (1902-8). He received the Ritter medal in 1908, and the honorary title of professor in 1913. He died in Berlin Aug. 4 1915.