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KOSSUTH, FRANCIS (1841-1914), Hungarian statesman (see 15.916). As Minister of Commerce in the Wekerle Cabinet, Kossuth had many opportunities of turning to account his technical and economic experience. At the critical period of the Coalition he showed throughout solid ability, in contrast to Justh, who in 1909 brought about the break-up of the Independence party, which split into the Kossuth and the Justh wings. In consequence of increasing ill-health Kossuth withdrew more and more from active politics, and only appeared in Parliament on special occasions. When in the summer of 1913 the two wings of the Independence party were again united Count Michael Karolyi undertook their actual leadership. In articles published in the Budapest Kossuth continued to express his views. He made his last appearance in Parliament on Oct. 30 1913. From his bed of sickness, to which he was confined from the autumn of 1913 onwards, he declined any participation with Count Michael Karolyi against the Triple Alliance policy of the Dual Monarchy. He died May 25 1914. (E. v. W.)