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LYONS, SIR JOSEPH (1848-1917), British caterer, was born in London Sept. 29 1848 and educated at the Borough Jewish school. In early life he studied painting and exhibited at the Royal Institute, but by 1886 he had turned to business enterprises, in conjunction with the brothers Isidore (d. 1920) and Montagu Gluckstein. He began by catering at public exhibitions. He next opened tea-shops in London, the first in 1894; 20 years later these numbered over 200 and provided cheap food for the large class of clerical workers and junior members of professions. Later he opened several restaurants of a more ambitious nature, as well as hotels on the “no-tipping” principle. He initiated the athletic side of the Territorial Army scheme, and, for his services in this direction, was knighted in 1911. He died in London June 22 1917.

See Mrs. Stuart Menzies, Modern Men of Mark (1920).