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STOLYPIN, PETER ARCADEVICH (1863-1911), Russian statesman, was born in 1863, the son of Admiral Stolypin by his wife, a princess of the house of Gorchakov. He was educated at the university of St. Petersburg, and in 1884 entered the Government service. In 1902 he was appointed governor of Grodno, and in 1905 was transferred to Saratov, where he became known as a firm administrator. In 1906 he was recalled to take up the position of Minister of Internal Affairs, and in July of the same year succeeded Goremykin as Minister President. His career as Premier is described in the article RUSSIA. His firm and repressive policy toward all kinds of sedition caused him to be regarded as a deadly enemy by the revolutionary party, and many attempts upon his life were made. In Aug. 1906 a bomb was exploded at his summer residence, which seriously injured one of his daughters, but all efforts to kill him proved vain until 1911, when he was shot in a theatre at Kiev on Sept. 14, before the eyes of the Imperial family, by a Jew named Mordka Bogrov. The minister died of his wounds Sept. 18 1911.