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STURDEE, SIR FREDERICK CHARLES DOVETON, 1st Bart. (1859–), British Admiral, was born at Charlton, Kent, June 9 1859, the son of a naval officer, and entered the navy in 1871. He was promoted lieutenant (1880), commander (1893), captain (1899), rear-admiral (1908), vice-admiral (1913), admiral (1917) and admiral of the fleet (1921). He saw service in Egypt (1882) and in Samoa (1898–9) when he was in command of the Anglo-American force. He was assistant-director of Naval Intelligence to the Admiralty (1900–2) and chief of staff, Mediterranean Fleet (1905–7) and Channel Fleet (1907). In 1910 he became rear-admiral of the first Battle Squadron, and commanded the 2nd Cruiser Squadron (1912–3). During the World War he was commander-in-chief, on the “Invincible,” of the squadron which won the battle of the Falkland Is., Dec. 8 1914, and he took part in the battle of Jutland. He was created K.C.B. (1913), and K.C.M.G. (1916); and a baronetcy was conferred on him in 1916, with the title “of the Falkland Is.” In 1918 he became commander-in-chief of the Nore.