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42476841922 Encyclopædia Britannica — Table of abbreviations


A.A. = Anti-Aircraft; Army Act (British); Automobile Association.
A.A.G. = Assistant Adjutant General
A.B.C. = Argentina, Brazil, Chile.
Abt. = Abteilung = Detachment, sub-unit (German Army).
ac. = acre or acres
A.C. = Artillerie de Campagne, Artillerie de Corps = Field artillery, Corps artillery—followed by numeral (French).
A.C.I. = Army Council Instruction (British).
A.C. of S. = Assistant Chief-of-Staff (U.S.A.).
A.D. = Anno Domini = In the year of our Lord (Latin); Artillerie divisionnaire = Divisional artillery (followed by numeral) (French).
Adml. = Admiral.
A.E.F. = American Expeditionary Force.
A.F. = Air Force (British).
A.F.C. = Air Force Cross (British).
A.F.E.F. = Anglo-French Expeditionary Force.
A.F.M. = Air Force Medal (British).
A.F. of L. = American Federation of Labour.
A.G. = Adjutant-General.
A.I.D. = Aircraft Inspection Department (British).
A.I.F. = Australian Imperial Force.
A.L. = Artillerie Lourde = Heavy artillery (French).
Ala. = Alabama.
A.L.A.M. = Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers.
A.L.G.P. = Artillerie Lourde à grande puissance = Super-heavy artillery (French).
Als.-Lor. = Alsace-Lorraine.
A.L.V.F. = Artillerie Lourde à voie ferrée = Heavy railway artillery (French).
A.M.S. = Army Medical Service.
ANZAC. = Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.
A.O.C. = Army Ordnance Corps (since 1918 R.A.O.C.)
A.O.K. = Armee-Oberkommando = Supreme Army Command (Austro-Hungarian); Headquarters of an army, with numeral, e.g. A.O.K. 2 (German).
A.P.C. = Army Pay Corps; since 1918 R.A.P.C. (British).
A.P.D. = Army Pay Department (British).
Ariz. = Arizona.
Ark. = Arkansas.
A.S.C. = Army Service Corps; since 1918 R.A.S.C. (British).
A.S.E. = Amalgamated Society of Engineers.
A.T. = Artillerie de tranchée = Trench artillery (French).
A.V.C. = Army Veterinary Corps; since 1918 R.A.V.C. (British).
A.V.S. = Army Veterinary Service.
Az. Aufschlagzünder = Percussion fuze (German).
b. = born.
Balk. Penin. Balkan Peninsula.
bar. = barrel or barrels.
Batt. = Battery; battalion.
Bav. = Bavarian
B.C. = Before Christ.
Bde. = Brigade.
Beds. = Bedfordshire.
B.E.F. = British Expeditionary Force (in particular in France and Belgium).
Berks. = Berkshire.
B.G. = Brigadier-General, General Staff appointment (British).
B.H.P. = Brake Horse-power.
B.L. = Breech-loading (artillery; as distinct from Q.F.).
B.M. = Brigade-Major (British).
B.M.A. = British Medical Association.
Bn. = Battalion.
Brig.-Gen. = Brigadier-General.
Bucks. = Buckinghamshire.
bus. = bushel or bushels.
Bz. = Brennzünder = Time fuze (German).
c. = circa = round about (Latin).
C.A. = Corps d'Armée = Army Corps (French).
C.A.C. = Corps d'Armée Coloniale = Colonial Army Corps (French).
Cal. = California.
Cambs. = Cambridgeshire.
Capt. = Captain.
C.Asia = Central Asia.
Cav. = Cavalry.
C.B.E. = Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
C.C. = Corps de Cavalerie = Cavalry Corps (French).
CE. = Contre-Espionnage = Anti-spy service (French).
C.E. = Tetronitromethylaniline (Tetryl) (Chemical Explosive).
C.F. = Chaplain to the Forces (British).
cf. = confer = compare (Latin).
C.G.S. = Chief of the General Staff (British).
C.H. = Companian of Honour.
Ches. = Cheshire.
C.G.T. = Confédération Générale du Travail = General Federation of Labour (French).
C.-in-C. = Commander-in-Chief (British).
C.I.D. = Criminal Investigation Department (British).
C.I.G.S. = Chief of the Imperial General Staff (British).
C.M. = Court-martial.
C.M.B. = Central Midwives Board.
C.N. = Comité Nationale de Secours et d'Alimentation = National Committee for Relief and Feeding (Belgium).
co. = county.
Co. = Company.
C.O. = Commanding Officer (British).
C. of S. Chief of Staff (U.S.A.).
Col. = Colonel.
Colo. = Colorado.
Comm. = Commander.
Conn. = Connecticut.
Corn. = Cornwall.
C.O.S. = Charity Organization Society (British).
C.P. = Centre-pivot (artillery).
C.R.A. = Commanding Royal Artillery, i.e. commanding a formation or station (British).
C.R.A. Commission régulatrice automobile = Motor regulation staff (French).
C.R.B. = Commission for Relief in Belgium.
C.R.E. = Commanding Royal Engineers, i.e. commanding a formation (British).
C.r.o. =
Calibres-radius of head or ogive (artillery).
cub. ft. = cubic feet.
Cumb. = Cumberland.
C.W.S. = Coöperative Wholesale Society.
cwt. = hundredweight.
d. = died; also penny or pence.
D. = Director (e.g. D.M.O. = Director of Military Operations); as prefix of office-abbreviations = Deputy- (e.g. D.D.M.I. = Deputy Director of Miltacy Intelligence).
D.A. = Détachement d'Armée = Army group (French); Direct Action (fuze); Direction de l’Arrière = Directorate of the Rear Zone (French). Equivalent to British L. of C. and American S.O.S.
D.A.Q.M.G. = Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General.
D.B.E. = Dame of the Order of the British Empire.
D.C. = Division de Cavalerie = Cavalry Division (French); District of Columbia.
D.C.A. = Défenses Contre Avions (or Aéronefs) = Anti-Aircraft Defence (French).
D.C.M. = Distinguished Conduct Medal (British).
Del. = Delaware.
dept. = department.
D.E.S. = Direction d'Étapes et de Services = Directing staff of a line of communications of an army (French).
Dev. = Devonshire.
D.F.C. = Distinguished Flying Cross (British).
D.F.M. = Distinguished Flying Medal (British).
D.G. = Director-General (e.g. D.G.A.M.S. = Director-General Armv Medical Service).
D.G.V.O. = Director-General of Voluntary Organizations.
DI. = Divsion d'Infanterie = Infantry Division (French).
DIC. = Divsion d'Infanterie Coloniale = Colonial Infantry Division (French).
Div. = Division.
Dopp.Z. = Doppelzünder = Time and percussion fuze (German).
D.O.R.A. = Defence of the Realm Act (British).
D.O.R.E. = District Officer Royal Engineers (British).
Dorset. = Dorsetshire.
D.Q.M.G. = Deputy Quartermaster-General.
DR. = Division de Réserve = Reserve Division (French).
D.R.F. = Depression Rangefinder.
D.S.C. = Distinguished Service Cross (U.S.A. and British).
D.S.M. = Distinguished Service Medal (U.S.A. and British).
D.S.O. = Distinguished Service Order (British).
Dur. = Durham.
E. = East.
Ed. = Editor.
E.E.F. = Egyptian Expeditionary Force.
e.g. = exempli gratia = for example (Latin).
E.M.F. = Electro-motive force.
E.N.E. = Éléments non endivisionnées = Troops not included in divisions ("corps troops" or "army troops") (French).
Ess. = Essex.
Esth. = Esthonia.
et seq. = et sequntia = and the following (Latin).
F.A.N.Y.S. = First Aid Nursing Yeomanry Service (British).
FEKA. = Fernkampfartillerie = Super-heavy artillery (German).
fig. = figure or figures (illustration).
Fla. = Florida.
FLAK. = Flugabwehrkanone = Anti-aircraft gun (German).
F.M. = Field Marshal; Fusil Mitrailleur = French light machine-gun.
F.M.L. = Field-Marshal-Lieutenant (Austro-Hungarian).
f.o.b. = free on board.
Fr.Eq.Afr. = French Equatorial Africa.
F.S.R. = Field Service Regulations (British).
ft. = foot or feet.
ft.2 = square feet.
ft.3 = cubic feet.
fur. = furlong or furlongs.
F.W.D. = Four-wheel Drive.
"G" = General Staff branch of the Staff, and its functions (British).
G . = Gold.
Ga. = Georgia.
G.A. = Groupe d'Armées = Group of Armies (followed by E = Est, N = Nord. etc.) (French).
gal. = gallon or gallons.
Gal. = Galicia.
G.A.R. = Grand Army of the Republic (U.S.A.).
G.B.E. = Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire.
G.d.A. = General der Artillerie
G.d.I. = General der Infanterie
G.d.K. = General der Kavallerie
= "full" general (German and Austro-Hungarian).
Gen. = General.
G.H.Q. = General Headquarters (British and U.S.A.).
GI,GII,GIII. = Maintenance, Intelligence and Operation branches; General Staff (U.S.A.).
G.Kdo. = General-Kommando = Army corps headquarters (German).
Glos. = Gloucestershire.
G.M.T. = Greenwich Mean Time.
G.O. = Generaloberst = General in Command (German).
G.O.C. = General Officer Commanding (British).
Gov. = Governor.
G.Q.G. = Grand Quartier-Général = General Headquarters (French Field Armies).
gr. = gramme or grammes.
G.R. = Gare régulatrice = Regulating station—rail transport (French).
G.S. = General Staff (British and U.S.A.); General Service (British).
G.S.G.S. = Geographical Section General Staff (British).
G.S.O. = Gas-Schutz-Officer = Anti-gas Officer (German).
G.S.O.1,2,3 = General Staff Officer, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade (British).
G.V.C. = Gardes des Voies de Communication = Line-of-Communication defence troops (French).
H. = Honvéd (as prefix in Austro-Hungarian designations); "Heure" = Zero hour, hour set for attack (French).
H.A. = Heavy Artillery; less frequently, horse artillery; high-angle (gun).
Hants. = Hampshire.
H.E. = High Explosive.
Hereford. = Herefordshire.
Herts. = Hertfordshire.
H.G. = Heeresgruppe = Group of armies (German).
hhd. = hogshead or hogsheads.
H.M.S. = His Majesty's Ship (British).
H.Q. = Headquarters (British and U.S.A.).
H.Qu. = Hauptquartier = Headquarters (German).
H.P. = Horse-power.
H.R. = Hors rang =Supernumerary (French Army).
Hunts. = Huntingdonshire.
H.T. = Horse Transport.
H.V. = High Velocity (gun).
I. = Instantantée = Instantaneous (in French fuze designations); Island.
Ia. = Iowa.
i.A. = im Auftrage = By order, on behalf of (German).
I.A. = Indian Army.
ib. or ibid. = ibidem = in the same place (Latin).
I.D. = Infanterie-Division = Infantry Division (German).
i.e. = id est = that is (Latin).
I.H.P. = Indicated Horse-power.
Ill. = Illinois.
I.L.P. = Independent Labour Party (British).
in. = inch or inches.
in.2 = square inches.
in.3 = cubic inches.
Ind. = Indiana.
Inf. = Infantry.
Is. = Islands.
I.W.W. = Industrial Workers of the World.
"J" = "Jour" = "Zero day" fixed for attack (French).
J.C.A. = Jewish Colonization Association.
K. = Königlich = Royal, or Kaiserlich = Imperial (German).
Kan. = Kansas.
K.B.E. = Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
K.D. = Kavallerie-Division = Cavalry Division (German).
kgm. = kilogram or kilograms.
K.K. = Kaiserlich-Königlich = Imperial-Royal (Austrian Landwehr).
km. = kilometre or kilometres.
K.R. = King's Regulations (British Army).
K.T.D. = Kavallerie-Truppendivision= Cavalry Division (Austro-Hungarian).
K.u.K. = Kaiserlich und Königlich = Imperial and Royal (Austrian and Hungarian designation of common army).
kw. = kilowatt or kilowatts.
Ky. = Kentucky.
L. = Landwehr (German and Austrian).
La. = Louisiana.
Latv. = Latvia.
lb. = pound or pounds.
Lancs. = Lancashire.
L.C.C. = London County Council.
Ldst. = Landsturm (Austro-Hungarian and German).
Lith. = Lithuania.
L.M.G. = Leichtes Maschinengewehr = Light machine-gun (German).
L. of C. = Line of Communications (British).
Leics. = Leicestershire.
Lincs. = Lincolnshire.
Lt. = Lieutenant.
Lt.-Comm. = Lieutenant-Commander.
Lt-Gen. = Lieutenant-General.
m. = mile or miles.
Maj. = Major.
Maj.-Gen. = Major-General.
M.B.E. = Member of the Order of the British Empire.
M.C. = Military Cross (British); Master of Chemistry.
Md. = Maryland.
Mdi. = Middlesex.
Me. = Maine.
Mebu. = Maschinengewehr-Eisenbeton-unterstand = Reinforced concrete machine-gun emplacement (German).
M.E.F. = Mediterranean Expeditionary Force (British 1915–7)
Mesop. = Mesopotamia.
M.G. = Machine-gun (heavy implied, as a rube).
M.G.A. = Major-General in charge of administration, regional commands (British).
M.G.C. = Machine-gun Corps.
M.G.G.S. = Major-General, General Staff of an Army (British).
M.g.H. = Mit geschränkter Haftung = With limited liability (German).
M.G.K. = Maschinengewehr-Kompanie = Machine-gun Company (German).
M.G.O. = Master-General of the Ordnance (British).
MJ. = Military Intelligence; formerly also Mounted Infantry (British).
Mich. = Michigan.
Minn. = Minnesota.
Miss. = Mississippi.
M.L. = Muzzle-loading.
M.M. = Military Medal (British).
M. of M. = Ministry of Munitions (British).
Mo. = Missouri.
Mons. = Monmouthshire.
Mont. = Montana.
M.S. = Military Secretary.
M.T. = Mechanical Transport.
m.V. = mit Verzögerung = Delay-action fuze (German).
MW. = Minenwerfer = Trench Mortar (German).
N. = North.
N.A.C.B. = Navy and Army Canteen Board (British).
N.Af. = North Africa.
N.Am. = North America.
N.C. = North Carolina.
N.C.T. = Nitro-cellulose, Tubular.
ND. = North Dakota.
Neb. = Nebraska.
Nev. = Nevada.
N.H. = New Hampshire.
N.H.P. = Nominal Horse-power.
N.I.D. = Naval Intelligence Division (British).
N.J. = New Jersey.
N.M. = New Mexico.
Nor. = Norway.
Norf. = Norfolk.
Northants. = Northamptonshire.
Northumb. = Northumberland.
N.O.T. = Netherlands Overseas Trust.
Notts. = Nottinghamshire.
N.S. = Gregorian, or new style, Calendar (see 4.994).
N.U.R. = National Union of Railwaymen (British).
N.U.S.E.C. = National Union of Societies for Equal Citizenship (British).
N.U.W.S.S. = National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies (British).
N.U.W.W. = National Union of Women Workers (British).
N.Y. = New York.
O. = Ohio.
O.B.E. = Officer of the Order of the British Empire.
O.C. = Officer Commanding (British).
O.H.L. = Oberste Heeresleitung = Supreme Army Command (German).
Okla. = Oklahoma.
Ore. = Oregon.
O.S. = Ordnance Survey (British); Julian, or old style. Calendar (see 4.994).
O.T.C. = Officers' Training Corps.
o.V. = ohne Verzögerung = Direct-action fuze (German).
Oxon. = Oxfordshire.
oz. = ounce or ounces.
P. = Percussion (fuze).
Pa. = Pennsylvania.
P.A. = Pour ampliation = Authorized for issue of documents (French Army).
P.C. = Poste de Commandement (French Army); Post of Command (U.S.A.) = battle or advanced headquarters (British).
P. et Cv. = Parcs et Comois = Trains and columns (French Army).
P.O. = Par ordre = By order; by command (French); Post Office.
PoL = Poland.
pop. = population.
P.R. = Poste-retard = Delay-action fuze (French).
Pr. = Pounder (Gun designation).
Pres. = President.
Prof. = Professor.
pt. = pint or pints.
P.V. = Pigeon voyageur = Carrier-pigeon (French).
Q.A.L.M.N.S. Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service (British).
Q.A.M.F.N.S. Queen Alexandra's Military Families Nursing Service (British).
Q.A.R.N.N.S. Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service (British).
Q.F. = Quickfiring (artillery).
Q.G. = Quartier Général = Headquarters (French).
Q.G.A2 = Headquarters of the II. Army (French).
Q.M.A.A.C. = Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps (W.A.A.C.) (British).
Q.M.G. = Quartermaster-General.
Q.M.N.G. = Queen Mary's Needlework Guild (British).
qr. = quarter or quarters,
qt. = quart or quarts.
q.v. = quod vide = which see (Latin), for reference.
R. = Reserve (in troop designations).
R.A. = Royal Artillery (British).
R.A.C. = Royal Automobile Club (British).
R.A.F. = Royal Air Force (British).
R.A.M.C. = Royal Army Medical Corps (British).
R.A.O.C. = Royal Army Ordnance Corps (British).
R.A.S.C. = Royal Army Service Corps (British).
R.C.S. = Royal Corps of Signals, since 1919 (British).
R.D. = Rive Droite = Right bank (of a river) (French).
R.E. = Royal Engineers (British).
Regt. = Regiment.
Res. = Reserve.
R.F.A. = Royal Field Artillery (British).
R.F.C. = Royal Flying Corps (British).
R.G. = Rive Gauche = Left bank (of a river) (French).
R.G.A. = Royal Garrison Artillery (British).
R.H.A. = Royal Horse Artillery (British).
R.I. = Rhode Island.
R.I.B.A. = Royal Institute of British Architects.
R.I.C. = Royal Irish Constabulary.
R.M. = Royal Marines (British).
R.M.A. = Royal Military Academy (Woohwich); Royal Marine Artillery (British).
R.M.C. = Royal Military College (England).
R.M.L.I. = Royal Marine Light Infantry (British).
R.N. = Royal Navy (British).
R.N.A.F. = Royal Naval Air Force (British).
R.N.A.S. = Royal Naval Air Service (British).
R.N.R. = Royal Naval Reserve (British).
R.N.V.R. = Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (British).
ro. = roods.
rs. = rupees.
R.O.D. = Railway Operating Division (British Army in France).
R.P. = Rules of Procedure (British Military Law).
R.T.O. = Railway Transport Officer (British and U.S.A.).
Rutl. = Rutland.
R.W. = Royal Warrant (for pay, etc.) (British).
S. = South.
s. = shilling or shillings.
S.A.E. = Society of Automobile Engineers.
Salop = Shropshire.
S.C. = South Carolina.
S.D. = South Dakota.
seq. = sequens, sequentia = the following (Latin).
Sil. = Silesia.
S.M.O. = Senior Medical Officer of a formation or station (British).
S.M.T.O. = Senior Mechanical Transport Officer of a formation (British).
Som. = Somersetshire.
S.O.S. = Services of Supply, Rear Zone (U.S.A.), equivalent to British L. of C; also wireless call for life-saving.
S.P.R. = Society for Psychical Research.
S.P.V.D. = Society for Prevention of Venereal Disease.
Sq. = Squadron.
sq.ft. = square feet.
S.R. = Sans retard = Direct-action (of fuze).
S.S. = Secret Service.
S.S.F.A. = Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association (British).
S.S.S.E. = Société Suisse de Surveillance Économique = Swiss Society for Economic Supervision.
Staffs. = Staffordshire.
Stellv. = Stellvertreter, stellvertretend = Substitute, acting deputy (German Army).
Suff. = Suffolk.
Sur. = Surrey.
Sus. = Sussex.
T. = Territorial (British Army)
T. = Time (fuze).
T.A. = Territorial Army (British, since 1919).
T.B.D. = Torpedo-boat destroyer.
T.C. = Trains de Combat = "Combat trains," "first-line transport" (French).
T.D. = Territorial Officers' Decoration (British).
Tenn. = Tennessee.
Tex. = Texas.
T.F. = Territorial Force (British, till 1919).
T.F.N.S. = Territorial Force Nursing Society (British).
T.M. = Trench Mortar.
T.M.G. = Temps Moyen de Greenwich = Greenwich Mean Time (French).
T.N.T. = Trinitrotoluene (High Explosive).
T.P.S. = Télégraphie par le Sol = Earth telegraphy (Power buzzer, etc.) (French).
T.S.F. = Télégraphie sans fil = Wireless telegraphy (French).
Ukr. = Ukraine.
U.S. = United States.
U.S.A. = United States of America; United States Army.
U.S.N. = United States Navy.
U.S.S. = United States Ship.
Va. = Virginia.
V.A.D. = Voluntary Aid Detachment; nursing service, Territorial Force (British).
V.C. = Victoria Cross (British).
V.D. = Volunteer Officers' Decoration (British).
Verst. = Verstärkt = Reinforced, chiefly of formations temporarily provided with artillery (German).
viz. = videlicet = namely.
Vt. = Vermont.
V.T.C. = Volunteer Training Corps (British).
W. = West.
W.A.A.C. = Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (Q.M.A.A.C.) (British).
W.A.F.F. = West Africa Frontier Force.
Wash. = Washington.
W.D. = War Department (British and U.S.A.).
Westm. = Westmorland.
WUts. = Wiltshire.
Wis. = Wisconsin.
WM. = Werfmine = Shell of Minenwerfer (German).
W.O. = War Office (British Gov't.).
Worcs. = Worcestershire.
W.R.A.C. = Women's Reserve Ambulance Corps (British).
W.R.A.F. = Women's Royal Air Force (British).
W.R.N.S. = Women's Royal Naval Service (British).
W.S.P.U. = Women's Social and Political Union (British).
Wumba. = Waffen- und Munitions-Beschaffungs-Amt = War Office for Munitions (German).
W.U.S.L. = Women's United Service League (British).
W.Va. = West Virginia.
W.V.R. = Women's Volunteer Service.
Wyo. = Wyoming.
yd. = yard or yards.
Y.M.C.A. = Young Men's Christian Association.
Yorks. = Yorkshire.
Y.W.C.A. = Young Women's Christian Association.