Cimiotti Unhairing Company v. American Fur Refining Company

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Court Documents

United States Supreme Court

198 U.S. 399

Cimiotti Unhairing Company  v.  American Fur Refining Company

 Argued: March 17, 1905. --- Decided: May 15, 1905

This action was begun in the circuit court of the United States for the district of New Jersey for the purpose of enjoining the alleged infringement of certain letters pattent of the United States, issued to John W. Sutton, and bearing date of May 22, 1888, number 383,258, for a certain new and useful invention or improvement upon machines for plucking furs.

In the circuit court a decree was rendered granting an injunction (120 Fed. 672); upon appeal to the circuit court of appeals for the third circuit this judgment was reversed, and the cause was remanded to the circuit court with directions to dismiss the bill. 59 C. C. A. 357, 123 Fed. 869.

The case was brought here upon writ of certiorari to review the judgment of the circuit court of appeals.

Messrs. Louis C. Raegener and John W. Griggs for petitioners.

Mr. Henry Schreiter for respondents.

Mr. Justice Day delivered the opinion of the court:


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