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    There has recently been a change in corset dressing; the advent of
'99 finds the new models firmly established and occupying the important
position formerly held by the extremely long-waist garment which so
unnaturally compressed the figure.
    The adoption of the medium-length waist means a garment built
on natural lines, which is very different from the extremely high-bust
corset with the accentuated long waistline and narrow hips. A corset
of this kind invariably throws bust and hips out of place.
    The hips should never be compressed. In the average figure they
should be pronounced. On the fitting of the corset depends the pretty
curve of hip toward back, which. can only be obtained by the fullness or
graduation of the hip of the corset being properly placed, which in most
moderately priced corsets is not considered.
    Every person should know that superfluous flesh, when unequally
compressed in any part of the body, must go somewhere. The contrast
between a small waist, protruding hip and too prominent abdomen has
been long in evidence. While the models which have come into
vogue have a tendency to bring the hips into prominence, it is done nat-
urally, by curving the corset up over the hips and permitting the easy,
graceful swell of the hip to the back, the front of the corset being with-
out fullness. This draws in the abdomen and elevates the hips.
    It has been noticed since the almost universal sale of medium-length
corsets that few complaints have been entered by wearers and that
exchanges have decreased, which fact ought to be appreciated by the
retailer, who thereby is the gainer in the saving of saleswomen's time
and markdowns.
    To THE SALESWOMEN: It is easy to give a woman just what she asks
for, but that is not always serving her with what is best suited to her
figure or which will produce the effect she is striving for. Or, are you
considering the interest of your employer, who argues-justly, too that
anybody can sell what they are asked for ?
    If your customer asks for a 50-cent corset are you doing your duty
unless you try to sell her a 75-cent or $1 corset by telling her the
advantages it possesses over the 50-cent article ? It may be that she is
wearing too short a corset for her figure. The hips may not be the
right proportion, or the corset is too narrow over the bust, or possibly
the waist does not curve gracefully. She would appreciate it if you sug-
gested that better results would be obtained if there was different corset
treatment. Lots to learn about corsets; lots to say about corsets. It
rests with you, Miss Saleswoman, to make the corset department the
most important stock in your store. See what you can do to bring it
up in '99. 20th Century Models will help you.