Hunt v. Palao

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United States Supreme Court

45 U.S. 589

Hunt  v.  Palao

THIS was a motion made to bring up the record in the above case, which had been decided by the Territorial Court of Appeals of Florida previously to the admission of Florida as a State.

The motion was as follows: —

'Mr. Westcott, in behalf of John Hunt, submitted to the court a certified copy of the record of the opinion of said Court of Appeals, and of said judgment in said case, and suggested to the court that said Court of Appeals was defunct by the admission of the Territory of Florida as a State, on the 4th of March last, and that all the records and papers of said Court of Appeals, and the record aforesaid in said case, had been placed, by the act of the General Assembly of the said State, in the custody and keeping of the clerk of the Supreme Court of said State, and also that said case was a case of Federal jurisdiction; and he moved this court to allow a writ of error to remove said record and judgment into this court, with directions to the clerk of this court to direct the same to the judges of said Supreme Court of said State, and to the clerk aforesaid having the custody of said record as aforesaid, in order that said record and judgment may be certified to this court, and a return to said writ of error made by said clerk of said Supreme Court of said State.'

Mr. Chief Justice TANEY delivered the opinion of the court.


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